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The Public Health agencies of some countries, including Canada, are advising women who want to get pregnant to wait at least two months after visiting countries where the Zika virus is circulating — or could begin circulating — before trying to conceive. Read more about the precautions here.  

Half of pregnant women attending their first maternity appointment are overweight or obese and being obese during pregnancy increases the risk of complications, such as gestational diabetes.  Is this a concern for you? Find out what has caused a stir for so many women.  

Pregnant women who take Vitamin D during winter ‘strengthen baby’s bones’.  Did you know that weak bones in childhood is linked to conditions such as osteoperosis? Read more about this report here.  

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Concerned about Pollution? What’s The Impact Of Air Pollution On Pregnancy? Read more about it here.  You won’t regret it.  

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