Questions To Ask Your Obstetrician During Pregnancy

Questions Obstetrician

Pregnancy changes everything—affecting the way you eat, sleep, work and work out. So, naturally, you will have plenty of questions for your obstetrician, especially on that first prenatal visit.

Don’t be shy:

There’s a lot to learn and the more you know the easier it will be to manage your pregnancy. It’s important to ask questions about any pregnancy-related concerns, no matter how trivial they might seem. Sharing your concerns helps your doctor better understand your pregnancy and provide the best possible care. The way your questions are answered can also help you decide if an obstetrician is the right fit for you and understand whether your priorities align.

Make a list:

Because so much goes on during a prenatal visit, it’s easy to forget what you meant to ask. To make sure you remember all of your questions, make a list before going to your appointment. As your pregnancy progresses, new questions will arise and you may need to make fresh lists before subsequent visits.

Here are a dozen questions that you might ask during an early visit. Naturally, you should add any questions you have concerning your individual situation.

What you might be curious about:

  1. What can I expect in the coming months? How will my body change?
  2. What symptoms are normal. Which symptoms should be reported?
  3. What medications or supplements are safe to take and which should I avoid? (Be sure to bring an up-to-date list of all medications and supplements you take to the appointment.)
  4. What prenatal vitamin is best?
  5. What should I be eating? Are there any foods I should eat more of? Any foods I should avoid?
  6. How much weight gain is normal?
  7. Can I continue to exercise during my pregnancy and, if so, what kind of exercise and how much? Are any kinds of exercise not recommended?
  8. Are there any vaccinations I should get while pregnant?
  9. What tests will I need to take during my pregnancy? Should I go for genetic screening?
  10. What should I know about working while I am pregnant? Are there any restrictions to how long I can work or what I can do?
  11. Is it safe to have sex while pregnant? If so, are there any restrictions?
  12. Are there any other lifestyle changes I should make? Should I dye my hair? Visit the nail salon? Can I go in the hot tub. Visit the tanning salon?

Take notes:

Don’t be afraid to take notes during the appointment if it helps you to remember the answers. Also, questions will naturally arise between visits, so having a place to note them is a good idea. Questions can help you get the most out of a prenatal visit and help your obstetrician provide you with personalized care.

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