Donald Trump Has The Lead Among Pregnant and Recent Moms

A new online poll run by Pregistry of more than 5,000 pregnant women and recent mothers shows Donald Trump’s popularity has increased significantly over all the other candidates: Trump gathered 59% of the votes, followed by Hillary Clinton with 22%, Gary Johnson with 9%, and Jill Stein with 3% (see here and below). The poll was conducted from October 1st to 31st.

Pregnant poll

Although Trump was the firm favorite from the start of this poll, his advantage over Clinton became wider after the third and last presidential debate when the topic of abortion was discussed.

Pregnant poll

Trump’s anti-abortion stance may explain why pregnant women and recent mothers choose to side with him. After all, a pregnant woman is a living proof of being pro-life. Of course, there are many other reasons that can explain the large difference. You can find them in the almost 5,000 comments posted in the poll on Pregistry’s Facebook page.


Please note, Pregistry does not endorse any candidate. This is not a scientific poll. Although each vote came from a different Facebook account, it is not possible for Pregistry to ensure that the accounts belong to different people nor to pregnant women or recent mothers. Votes from US accounts held by women were included. Questions or comments? Write to us at hello@pregistry.com.

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