Must Have Pregnancy Winter Wardrobe

The nights are starting to draw in and the days are certainly getting cooler. Before you know it, we will be waving goodbye to Summer and saying hello to crisp Autumn leaves and icy winter chills.

Whilst summer pregnancies can leave Moms to be sweating profusely and jumping in their kids’ paddling pool in an attempt to keep cool, winter pregnancies can be quite the opposite. Cozying up in the warmth of your home before allowing an extra hour of preparation time when you go out, and applying layer upon layer of almost every item of clothing from your wardrobe in an attempt to avoid shivering with cold when you finally venture outside.

The most important thing to remember is that in pregnancy comfort is key!

However, you don’t need to invest in a whole new winter wardrobe just because you are expecting. Here are your winter pregnancy essentials:

  • Embrace the layers – You don’t need to invest in loads of expensive maternity clothes, instead just lots of stretchy long tees or vests to wear as base layers under knitwear or jumpers. During pregnancy, it can often be hard to regulate your temperature, so layers work well, especially when you’re moving frequently between freezing outdoor temperatures to a warm house with the heating turned up high. Ideally, you want layers that can be quickly and easily built up or removed as required so avoid complicated buttons or zips!
  • Cozy Cardigans – These don’t have to be maternity knitwear, instead buy one size bigger than your usual. If the buttons no longer fasten over your growing bump, just focus on the top ones or leave them open instead.
  • Ponchos – For a pregnant woman, a poncho is basically the closest you can get to leaving the house in your duvet! Simply poke your head through and wrap yourself up! Alternatively, oversized scarves also do the trick.
  • Warm boots and sensible shoes – no one wants to see a pregnant lady slip in icy conditions so make sure your boots have thick soles with a strong rubber grip! Leave the heels behind and opt for comfort! Boots work well over thick maternity tights or leggings teamed up with jumpers, woolen dresses, or tunics.
  • Maternity tights – Don’t make the mistake of trying to wear regular tights in the third trimester, they will dig in, you’ll get an impression line down your bump, and they’ll forever be working their way down at the gusset as you waddle to and from the bathroom. Not a good look. Invest in a few pairs of thick maternity tights that stay securely in place and keep you warm and comfortable.
  • A warm winter coat is a must, but maternity coats often come at a premium. Instead, look for wrap / cape style coats that tie to fasten rather than buttons, double breasted options, or zips. They are far more flexible as your body shape changes, whilst still keeping the cold air at bay.

The most important thing to remember is that in pregnancy comfort is key! Enjoy the warm nights snuggled up at home, and keep hold of the poncho or oversized scarf, which can also be particularly useful during those chilly winter night feeds once your baby has arrived!

Lucy Cotterill
Lucy is a UK-based parenting and lifestyle blogger who has also featured in the Huffington Post. A Mom of two daughters, Lucy is passionate about sharing the true reality of parenthood and helping others through their first experiences. In her free time she loves to write, go on day trips with her family and photography.

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