7 Biggest Parenting Regrets You Can Avoid!

Parenting Regrets

Parenting isn’t easy. From a happy, young and childless couple to being parents to a new life, the whole transition can be amazing and mesmerizing at the same time. Parents around the world often express regret about the way they raised their children. A lot of things could have done better. In this post, we discuss the biggest parenting regrets we ascertained from talking to many mothers and father. We hope you will find it useful, especially if you are a first-time mom or dad.

#1 – Not breastfeeding enough

Breastfeeding is good for both you and your baby. Sadly, many moms regret not nursing their kid long enough. Infants need nothing but breast milk during the first six months, following which the diet can be switched gradually to semi-solids and then solids. Breastfeed your child at least 6 months and, if possible, one year. The Pulse has a lot of great articles about breastfeeding here.

#2 – Working too much

Most parents, moms and dads alike, often regret not having spent enough time with their kids, mostly because of professional commitments. Our lives are so busy, especially when both parents work. Try to make a habit of spending a few hours of quality time with your child every day. Maybe extending your maternity leave is a good idea…

#3 – Being too tough

Let’s agree that parenting is hard at times. You want the best for your child, but sometimes he or she does not behave as you wish. Many parents regret having been too harsh with their children. Note for new moms and dads: be patient! Not all kids are the same, and you should learn to control yourself when things are getting out of control.

#4 – High on junk

Many parents are apologetic about introducing junk food and convenience meals to their kids. You can influence the eating and drinking habits of your kids early in life. However, if you yourself are into junk-food, it will be hard to teach the right eating lessons. It is important to follow a food routine and diet plan, especially if you have kids over the age of 5.

#5 – Being too easy

Probably, you are one of those parents who just cannot say ‘no’! Well, many young fathers and mothers often regret having been too soft on occasions. Being reasonable is the key to good parent-child bonding here. You need to please your kids, but not so much that they become spoiled, bratty, unruly, or rebellious. Say ‘yes’ only when they behave appropriately or when there is a good reason – not because your heart melts on seeing your child making a sad face.

#6 – Not focusing enough on everything

Your child should develop some skills early in life, including swimming, reading and other extracurricular activities. Many parents are too focused on books and education. You need to introduce your kids to music, sports, games, outdoor activities, and travelling, regardless of your personal interests.

#7 – Too much Internet

You know exactly what that means. You have seen it pretty much everywhere: a family sitting at a restaurant and everybody looking at their own devices. Children stay at home watching Netflix rather than playing with their friends. Parents substitute giving their children attention with giving their children an iPad. It’s hard but you can fight it!

These are some of the most common regrets parents express nowadays. You have the ability, and the responsibility, to prevent them or to correct them as early as possible. Do you have other issues or regrets? Please share them in the Comments section below!

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