Pregistry Newsletter- September 2, 2019



Is it good to eat fruit during pregnancy? Are fruits bad for you while pregnant? What about raw vegetables? Eating fruits during pregnancy has gotten a bad rep. We are advised to stay away from all raw fruits and vegetables yet they are full of nutrients? There are myths and old wives tales and rumors floating around about what is okay to eat and not. After all, it is your baby’s health on the line. Read more here!



It is like a sad “good news, bad news” joke. The good news is that you are finally over your morning sickness and you feel that you can settle down in your pregnancy and enjoy food again. The bad news is that now you are having indigestion on a regular basis. Nausea and vomiting have been replaced by burping, heartburn, and general stomach unpleasantness. Read our blog on The Pulse here and here, and, available now, our extensive Expert Reportwritten by one of our doctors!



You know that smoking is bad for you and your baby. A recent, frightening study found that even one cigarette a day during pregnancy can double the risk of sudden infant death. You also know that second-hand smoke is bad for babies and children. You would not smoke near your child or let anyone else smoke near you child. Read more here!



A simple way to check your baby’s well-being is to pay attention at how much he or she moves. Pregistry.com  includes a tool called “My kick counter” thatwill help you track how often your baby kicks. After each session, a report is produced that you can save and share. For free! Learn more here!

Pregistry’s vision is a world in which all pregnant women and their health care providers have the accurate information they need to successfully treat medical conditions that occur during pregnancy and ensure the best health outcomes for mothers and their babies. 
Sarita Balaban
Sarita Balaban is an undergraduate student at Touro College Los Angeles. As a Digital Marketing Associate, Sarita edits Pregistry's weekly newsletter and designs images for our social medial channels.

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