Top 6 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas!

If you want to reveal the gender of your unborn child to your friends and family, there are some incredibly creative ways to do it. You may want to reveal the gender during a baby shower, in which case here are a few gender revelation delivery devices to make your baby’s gender reveal day unique.

  1. Cupcakes – This is an oldie, but a goodie. Ask your favorite baker, or you can bake it yourself. Top the cupcake with simple chocolate, but decorate the inside with either pink or blue. Once all the guests bite into it, they will know whether it is a boy or a girl. You can do the same with cakes and cut the cake at the very end so people are anticipated to know. If you have a boy-girl pair of fraternal twins, use pink in some cupcakes and blue in the others. This will confuse people at first, but eventually the message will emerge.
  2. Fortune Cookies – Get fortune cookies made from a restaurant and ask a baker to place either a boy, a girl, or twins on a paper packed inside it. Give the cookies to the guests near the end of the party is over to keep everyone in suspense. In place of fortune cookies, you can use regular cookies, but with some gender indicator, on the cookie, or inside. For other baked goods, you could use pinkish strawberry filling for a girl, and blueberry filling for a boy. This works for turnovers, or for hamantaschen, special pastries served especially on the Jewish holiday of Purim.
  3. Balloon with confetti – If you are having a giant party in your garden or on an open lawn, you can hang balloons tied on the ceiling or on trees. Set up ropes that when pulled break the balloons, releasing blue or pink confetti.
  4. Banners – Hang a banner displaying the gender, but hide the banner behind a cloth. This way, you can unveil it at the optimal moment.
  5. Drinks – Prepare a bowl of strawberry, or pink lemonade or punch for a girl, or blue lagoon for a boy. As with the other food ideas, you can do combinations for revealing mixed twins.
  6. Flowers – Create a game in which people pick either a blue flower or a pink one. Whoever gets the gender right will win a trinket at the end of the party!

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