9 Great Suggestions to Choosing Your Baby’s Name

Baby name

Choosing a name for your baby can be overwhelming. After all, your little one will carry that name for the rest of his/her life. Let’s start by saying that there are no hard and fast rules for naming your baby. It is mostly instinct, but some issues should be considered. You might have already shortlisted a few names with your partner, and there will be friends and relatives who will come up with endless recommendations, but below are nine great suggestions to help you decide.

  1. Start making a list. Having a written list of names you like is helpful. Otherwise, you will forget them. A little goofing with ideas is always fun, because you never know when you find the right name.
  2. Keep it short and simple. Grown-up children never like convoluted names! You don’t want your child to get frustrated writing his or her long name at work or on important documents. Keep it short and easy to remember, especially if the child will have a long or difficult last name.
  3. Use memorable spelling. Usually, people don’t remember complicated names. You may want to keep the spelling as simple as possible. If you have decided the name “Diana” for your girl, keep the spelling at that. “Dianna” or “Dianaa” will often get confused!
  4. Try using family names. Many couples often choose to keep the family tradition going. If you have an important or inspiring relative in the family, you can always name your child after that person. That’s not just easy but really meaningful too.
  5. Learn about the meaning(s) of the name. You don’t want to choose a name because it just sounds fancy. Names also have deeper meanings. In some cultures, family, religious, tribal, or community leaders are called to name babies. Always check the meaning(s) of the name before accepting it for your child.
  6. Consider the initials. The initials are going to matter for your child as he/she starts growing older. You may want to add a middle name or can choose to skip it altogether. Nevertheless, keep the impact and significance of the initials in mind.
  7. Be mindful of unique names. It is trendy nowadays to choose a unique name for a baby and that’s great. However, you should be aware that some names have an offensive meaning in other languages than yours. You never know where you child will end up living when he/she grows older! Be mindful of this.
  8. Be open to people’s suggestions. Yes, it can be very annoying when people suggest names, especially people that do not know you at all. But, it could be a good thing too. Taking suggestions may help you find a name that actually fits the future you expect for your little one.
  9. Check Pregistry’s Facebook page. Every day, at least 2 or 3 babies are introduced to the Pregistry community. The brief introduction includes the mother’s and baby’ names, a photo, and some basic birth information. By now, thousands of names have been published for both boys and girls. This may be the best place to look for ideas!
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